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Guaranteed Formula: Turn Post Traumatic Stress Into Post Traumatic Growth

The Barry Cooper Scientific School of Ayahuasca and Ibogaine

The most valuable letter you will read in a decade. It's a cure for trauma. Pass it along and save a life.

A Life Series by Barry Cooper-Humanitarian/NeverGetBusted


I was diagnosed with severe Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) after serving on the front lines of the Drug War. I am former agent who was considered one of the country’s top drug enforcement agents.

The doctors and experts informed I would keep PTSD for the rest of my life. They explained the best I could do was treat the symptoms. This is not true. I turned Post Traumatic Stress into Post Traumatic Growth you can too.

I developed a four-step technique that is no match for PTSD.

If this technique doesn’t completely rid you of the pesky disorder, Ayahuasca will certainly eliminate the torment from your system.

According to Wiki, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental disorder that can develop after a person is exposed to a traumatic event, such as sexual assaultwarfaretraffic collisions, or other threats on a person's life.[1] Symptoms may include disturbing thoughts, feelings, or dreams related to the events, mental or physical distress to trauma-related cues, attempts to avoid trauma-related cues, alterations in how a person thinks and feels, and an increase in the fight-or-flight response. These symptoms last for more than a month after the event. Young children are less likely to show distress but instead may express their memories through play.[1] Those with PTSD are at a higher risk of suicide.[2]

The coding tattooed on my neck saved my life. It's easy to learn and will save your life during any trauma situation. Pass it along. It's a big game changer.

This entire article is a near copy/paste of a letter I recently sent a friend who is going through a divorce. I tried to keep it as original as I could. I want you to get the effect of reading a real letter from me. The bad grammar and punctuation mistakes have purposely not been corrected.


My fucking heart hurts deeply to tears to hear the news of your divorce. I can fully empathize with you.

About a year and a half ago, my wife left overnight. She was my third wife. I was married to her for 11 years. My first wife for 15 years. My second wife 2 years. I'm on my fourth and we just celebrated our 1 year. I have been married a total of 29 years and I love being married.

I loved all of my wives dearly...and still do. I left the first two but my third left me. My good friend flew in to visit us in Mazatlan, Mexico. During the visit, she decided they were in love. The next day, I was on a 6 hour bus ride to establish residence in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

At the seven hour mark, I was chasing a coke dealer down the street after an argument erupted over the deal. I slept on the floor for a month and half. I stayed drunk and fucked up on whatever I could find.

The booze and pills and coke only numbed the torture but wasn't strong enough to give any significant relief. I never felt pain like that before bro (except the recent removal of two impacted molars. hahahhah)

It wasn't that she fell in love with another. It was how they did it. I actually blessed their "falling in love" and supported their decision. People couldn't believe how well I took that part.

BEFORE: Two months after my divorce and moments from taking the first step to recovery.

AFTER: Less than one year later I'm fully recovered and on my first date with the love of my life. We recently celebrated our one-year anniversary.

It was a little easier for me because I understood a person cannot help who they fall in love with. Falling in love is involuntary and it cannot be controlled. The betrayal was going unnoticed until I accidentally discovered her FB password.

I dove into her account and read messages that traumatized me. Both were pretending to be my friend but were making fun of me and plotting behind my back. I actually believed I may not live through the situation.

During a divorce, It's important to have people around you cause you're going to be dizzy for a while. Make sure you only get advice and hang around persons who possess a track record of being bright and upright. Make sure they have no other motive to help except pure love.

Fortunately I was in Puerto Vallarta where my kids and my best friend lived: Kelsie and her mate, L-Dixon (my best friend and I have more than one.) My younger daughter, Kenzie. You know all three so I think you will agree they met the qualifications...and then some.

This is the crew that helped me through the coding process. If it weren't for my family, I'm positive you wouldn't be reading this now.

I couldn't eat, sleep, count my own money or find my way back home. I was a wreck bro. Been arrested 9 times, bankrupted, screwed-dude and tattooed and never experienced anything like it...except the removal of the second impacted molar. ahahaha.

I would not dare take this moment to try and "one-up" you by implying my pain was worse than the pain you are experiencing now. I don't roll like that and have nothing but goodness and love in my heart for you.

I'm telling you my short story because I learned how to get rid of the pain and advance my life in a very short time. It was an almost unbelievable recovery and comeback. I got lucky and achieved a lot in my life but this recovery is my greatest achievement.

According my research, most men who went through what I did would be depressed for at least one year and probably three. A great deal of them never recover.

They are able to limp through life but they carry a bitterness and hate in their hearts toward women. These men never gain their respect back for's really sad. Guard against that bro.

Women are a powerful and beautiful force and will speed the process of your recovery. It's important to go out and be around as many women as you can. Go out with the goal to be friends with them and not just to get laid. I think the high school bell rung on that one....that class is over. ahhahaha.

I started counseling marriages about twenty-years ago while I pastored a church. I've counseled hundreds. After leaving the church, the habit and my reputation followed me. I haven't stopped counseling since.

Split couples are magnetized to me. It's actually my favorite subject and would prefer teaching social relationship dynamics instead of my second passion...drugs! hahahhahah. Where were the fucking drugs when they pulled my teeth? hahahaha.

I was positive I did not want to spend the upcoming years depressed. I could feel the bitterness trying to make residency in my spirit. I shook that shit quick bro. Because...

I love women very much. I personally cannot live without them. My mama is a woman. Both my daughters are women. The first person I dated was a brilliant woman who gave me the foundation for the formula I'm about to teach you....she's that lawyer chic from the U.S. that I think I told you about. We are still good friends.

Attorney Michele Lomax taught me the formula.

We gotta keep women in our lives or we will never become the best version of ourselves.

The first step I took on my road to recovery was getting off all drugs and alcohol. That's when I kicked the PTSD medicine a doctor prescribed me one month before I fled the U.S. I was taking one pill a day of prozac but haven't touched it since that day. (Almost got back on it during the 27 days of agony those two rascally bones in my jaw caused me.) ahhahahahahhah.

I quit the occasional party habit of snorting cola and would not take any psychedelics. It was the fucking alcohol that was the hardest to kick...we all know what that's about.

I stopped all that for a profound reason I could feel the pain.

That lawyer chic taught me a formula of how to deal with pain. I added the quantum physics to it. The formula was the best debugger of pain I had ever used. It worked so well, I had the formula tattooed on my neck homie. hahahhahah. No shit. In Spanish.

I know you don't have any unresolved issues like a lot of people so there is nothing to hinder this method from working. Tattoo this coding on your heart and you will fly through this divorce:





NOTICE IT means to notice what you are feeling at the very moment. Each person should take a little time each day to NOTICE how they feel. Because you are in a recent divorce, you will need to do this as many times a day as you can. The more the better. So do it now bro. NOTICE how you are feeling right now.

Then NAME IT. Place a label on what you NOTICED. The self conversation should sound something like this: "I'm feeling angry and betrayed." or "I'm feeling jealous." or "I'm feeling lonely."

RIDE THE WAVE means to feel the emotion you just NOTICED and NAMED. Don't ignore it bro. No matter how painful it feels, you gotta feel it...all of it.

For me, the pain was often intense enough to put me on my knees dozens of times. I cried a lot the first few months of RIDING THE WAVE. I sounded like a sobbing woman! hahahahhahaha.

LET IT GO is the final step. After you have NOTICED IT, NAMED IT, and R0DE THE WAVE, you gotta LET THAT SHIT GO BRO. After I finished feeling every drop of whatever emotion I was feeling, I would tell myself those exact words, "LET THAT SHIT GO BRO." and I would cut it off. I wouldn't stew in the after residue that lingered.

I have tinkered with quantum physics my entire adult life. I got serious about it a few years ago when I lived and worked at the Ayahuasca center in Brazil. My guide used quantum physics a lot to explain how the Ayahuasca was working.

He didn't believe the power of the plant was magic or holy. He believed the medicine power came from the pre-coded match shared by quantum physics and the psychedelic. Science was pre-coded into our universe and Ayu was coded to work with the science.

After the lawyer chic shared the formula with me, I noticed it sounded a lot like a physics theory called, "Spiral Dynamics." The theory is going to sound like psychology to you but it's actually science.

SD theorizes that if you don't "LET IT GO," you will become depressed. Depression is a thug to the soul bro. Don't allow it to settle. If you don't LET IT GO, you can suffer depression for the rest of your life.

A large percentage of "extreme divorce" victims do not begin living life until 5 or more years after the divorce. You are considered an "extreme divorcee" because y'all were married over ten years.

This is because the above anti-virus formula was never downloaded into their system. The "virus" of depression was allowed to run free as it clogged and slowed down their hard drive.

The cool thing about Spiral Dynamics is if you NOTICE IT, NAME IT, RIDE THE WAVE, LET IT will flourish beyond what you could ever have dreamed. According to this theory, all extreme divorces place a person in almost a psychos emotional state which is an optimal opportunity to gain enlightenment and attract a new life that doubles the one you had with your ex.

I used this coding every day for a year. I am now remarried to smoking hot, brilliant and strong woman. I became more physically fit than ever. That's saying a lot because I have been an athlete all my life. I wrote and recorded song even though I was considered to to have no rhythm.

My career took off. I am at the top of my game and feel better than ever. The method I described above works and it works fast.

I sincerely wish the best for you and your ex. I love both of you. I'm literally in tears right now because of the pain you are feeling. But I promise homie, it does get better....much better.

I didn't proof this because I was flowing from the heart so forgive grammar, punctuation

I love you old tymer and if there is anything I can do for you, consider it done.



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